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15 jul 2022

Wayra II (177 MW): First concrete foundation

Wayra II (177 MW): First concrete foundation 0

CJR Renewables has concreted the first foundation (out of a total of 30) for the future Wayra II wind farm. For Fernando Hurtado, Project Manager, “this first major milestone results from the responsibility of the entire team, and this concreting had very interesting numbers: 560 m3 of concrete; around 40 people committed to success and two concreting plants allocated to the project to assist the ongoing production activity.”


It is recalled that CJR Renewables is responsible for the entire BoP, including the civil and electrical works of 30 foundations, 45 km of cable trenches, 214 km of cables and 30 km of access roads.

Wayra II will have 30 Nordex 155 wind turbines (5.9 MW each), which will result in 177 MW of installed power.


It should be noted that CJR Renewables has already built the 132.3 MW Wayra I wind farm.  

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