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20 set 2021

Parque Solar Fotovoltaico de 40 MWp : Conheça os últimos desenvolvimentos 0

Today CJR Renewables is carrying out deforestation, land cleaning, earth movements and site facilities installation. For Luís Tomás, Project Manager, this stage “is all about plant fence works, earth movements and ground preparation. We will soon begin the works for accesses and cables trenches excavation. We forecast the first plant synchronization in the second quarter of 2022 and conclusion of the works in the third quarter of 2022.”

Please note that, till the end of the year, the team has the goal to conclude:

- Perimeter fencing - Earthworks and preparation of the implantation areas

- Cleaning and preparation of the land

- Internal roads

- Opening of cable trenches

- Start of pre-drilling works

To Luís Tomás, “This project presents major challenges in terms of the orography and morphology of the terrain. That brings us added difficulties but motivate us even more as a team in the search for less conventional solutions in the various areas: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. We have a young but experienced team, with a strong will to do and commitment to the goals set.”

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