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12 out 2020

HV Busbar – provisional over elevation solution: Reason of Pride

HV Busbar – provisional over elevation solution: Reason of Pride 0

The subject in question is a busbar over elevation solution, which implied the disconnection of the existing substation for a 72 hours period (and a very strict planning). “Despite a busbar installation isn’t an easy activity, it is quite common in our business area. In this particular case, it required technical skills and operational know-how, for the unusual action of substation shut-off to perform this task on a coordinated manner” mentioned Nuno Lima, P&G Site Manager. For Marcelo Huenchur, P&G Site Manager, “planning this task required a lot of expertise. We had to coordinate several entities, such as the Chilean Central Interconnected System, the materials logistics or assembly teams. And, as if it were not enough, we faced some Quality Assurance / Control difficulties, receiving some damaged pieces and detecting some corrections to be made. Basically, we had to make it happen in a record time”. Besides this hard process, busbar over elevation also represents a solution itself. “We worked hard to find a solution that would bring economic benefits to the project, and the implementation of this 16-meter busbar will allow all substation ampliation works to be carried out on the ground, which greatly increases the construction efficiency”, also stated Marcelo Huenchur, P&G Site Manager.

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