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Wayra Wind Farm

In the middle of Nazca Desert, Wayra Wind Farm is the biggest Wind Farm in Peru.

This project was quite ambitious and had a tight schedule. CJR Renewables was able to complete all challenges faced, such as adverse weather conditions due to desert location. As in all projects, CJR Renewables integrated local community and fostered numerous QHSE practices. This was the first work of CJR Renewables in the country, that despite being in economic growth, has more than ¼ of its population living in poverty.

Project details
Client Enel Green Power
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Nazca, Ica
Implementation time 323 days
Installed Power 132.3 MW
Power & Grid 33/220 kV Substation & Control Building; 220 kV Interconnection Substation
Wind Turbines 42 ACCIONA 3.15 MW
Wayra Wind Farm 4
Wayra Wind Farm 5
Wayra Wind Farm 6
Wayra Wind Farm 5
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// 58 km of Access Roads & Ducts

// Cable Trenches (171 km of Medium Voltage - MV - Cables)

// 42 Foundations & Platforms

// 33/220 kV Substation & Control Building

// 220 kV Interconnection Substation

// 0,7 km Overhead High Voltage Line (OHVL)

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