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07 jan 2022

Wayra II: 177 MW – The new CJR Renewables project in Peru

Wayra II : 177 MW – O novo projeto da CJR Renewables no Peru 0

 CJR Renewables is scheduled to return to Nasca, (Ica Region) in Peru, with the award of the second project for Enel Green Power in the country, entitled Wayra II, which will feature 30 wind turbines, Nordex 155 (5.9 MW each), which will result in 177 MW of installed power. In this project, CJR Renewables will be responsible for the entire BoP, including civil and electrical works of 30 foundations, 45 km of cable trenches, 175 km of cables and 18 km of access roads.

According to Santiago Contreras “We are enormously excited about this new project. We will add, in this country, a portfolio of around 350 MW. Knowing the excellent work by our teams, another successful project is approaching!”: the stipulated schedule is 14 months, and the new year also marks the start of this new project.” ???????

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