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Viinamäki Wind Farm

CJR Renewables installed the world tallest Wind Turbine steel tower.

CJR Renewables participated in the Viinamäki pioneering project in Finland, installing the world's tallest (steel tower) wind turbine. Named model V150, the wind turbine has a power of 4.2 MW and a total height of 175 meters. Vestas relied on CJR Renewables to install this innovation in the market, which counted with five prototypes, summing a power output of 21 MW. For the company, it was the second prototype project, thus being an excellent opportunity to develop engineering, project execution and market positioning.

Project details
Client Vestas
Area WTG Installation
Location North-west, Finland
Implementation time 116 days
Installed Power 21 MW
Wind Turbines V150 4.2 MW HH175
Viinamäki Wind Farm 2
Viinamäki Wind Farm 3
Viinamäki Wind Farm 4
What have we done

// 5 WTG Electrical & Mechanical Installation

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