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Serra da Laje Wind Farm

The tallest wind turbine in Portugal

Located at the top of the mountain, the Serra da Lage Wind Farm is configured as a repowering. As a result of this intervention, the total installed capacity of the park — six 750 kW Neg Micon wind turbines — was replaced by a single 4.2 MW Vestas V150 turbine, which is currently “the largest installed capacity by a single turbine in Portugal, in land". CJR Renewables had the opportunity and challenge to carry out this project, which was fulfilled in terms of quality and deadline.

Project details
Client WTG Energias
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), WTG Installation
Location Mação, Portugal
Implementation time 45 days
Installed Power 4.2 MW
Wind Turbines 4.2 MW VESTAS V150
Serra da Laje Wind Farm 2
Serra da Laje Wind Farm 1
Serra da Laje Wind Farm 3
What have we done

// Construction of Wind Farms (BoP)

// Access construction

// Foundation

// Platform

// Installation of Wind Turbine

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