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Sarco Wind Farm

Out of 196 towers, 140 required the use of a spectacular and faster means of transportation than traditional ones: the helicopter.

We had the collaboration of nearly 500 people in the project, divided into two major areas: civil engineering with approx. 300 workers and the installation works with over 200 employees. Sometimes we used nine helicopters a day, which involved the transportation/operation of approx. fifty people.

Some employees also travelled in unusual means of transportation (on horseback), while others would walk for miles to reach some inhospitable locations.

Project details
Client Mainstream
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), Power & Grid
Location Freirina, Chile
Implementation time 435 days
Installed Power 170 MW
Power & Grid 40/115/33 kV Substation; 220 kV High Voltage Line (72 km)
Wind Turbines 50 SENVION 3.4 M114
Sarco Wind Farm 5
Sarco Wind Farm 6
Sarco Wind Farm 7
Sarco Wind Farm 8
What have we done

// 43 km of Access Roads

// 50 Foundations & Platforms

// 281 kms of Medium Voltage Network

// 40/115/33 kV Substation

// 220 kV High Voltage Line (72 km)

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