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Power & Grid (EPC) More than 72 Power & Grid projects all around the world.

CJR Renewables offers a total turnkey solution:

From simple cabling installations, transformers and switchgear replacements, to substation design and build contracts.

Power & Grid (EPC)

What we do

EPC Services Provider


Engineering & Services

// Preliminary & Detailed Design - Civil / Electrical Infrastructure

// Power Systems Analysis & Grid Integration Studies

// Commissioning, Tests & Start-up

// CAPEX Optimization

// Technical Support & After-sales Service

Construction Civil Works 2

Construction Civil Works 

// Substations & Control Buildings

// HV Lines

Construction Electrical &Mechanical Works 1
Construction Electrical &Mechanical Works 1

Construction Electrical & Mechanical Works

// Substations

// SCADA & Protection Systems and Plant Monitoring

//Commissioning, Tests & Start-up

// High Voltage Lines & Grid Connection

Latest Projects

Power & Grid (EPC) Projects
Wayra Wind Farm
Nazca, Ica
Wayra Wind Farm
In the middle of Nazca Desert, Wayra Wind Farm is the biggest Wind Farm in Peru.
Azabache Solar PV Plant
Atacama Region, Chile
Azabache Solar PV Plant
Chile's first hybrid plant
Renaico II Wind Farm
Araucanía, Chile, Chile
Renaico II Wind Farm
One of the biggest projects of South America.
Chiu Chiu Substation (Azabache Solar Pv Plant)
Atacama Region, Chile
Chiu Chiu Substation (Azabache Solar Pv Plant)
Chiu Chiu Substation
Los Loros Utility-Scale PV Plant 2
Tierra Amarilla, Atacama, Chile
Los Loros Utility-Scale PV Plant
Los Loros PV Plant was an ambitious project with a tight schedule.
Sarco Wind Farm
Freirina, Chile
Sarco Wind Farm
Out of 196 towers, 140 required the use of a spectacular and faster means of transportation than traditional ones: the helicopter.
Aurora Wind Farm
Los Lagos, Chile
Aurora Wind Farm
The biggest project in Los Lagos region.
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm
Cajamarca, Peru
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm
Second project of CJR Renewables in Peru.
Pomerania Wind Farm
Voivodship, Poland
Pomerania Wind Farm
One of the largest onshore wind farms in Poland.
Kovacica 1
Vojvodina, Serbia
Kovacica Wind Farm
One of the largest wind projects in Serbia.
Taltal Wind Farm 0
Antofagasta, Chile
Taltal Wind Farm
Built in the driest desert of the world.
Lotnisko Wind Farm 1
Pomorskie Voivodeship, Lebork, Poland
Lotnisko Wind Farm
One of the longest UHVL of Poland, with a total length of 38 km.
Punta Sierra Wind Farm
Coquimbo, Chile
Punta Sierra Wind Farm
One of the most important substations in Chile that allows the integration of several projects to the grid.
San Andres PV Plant 2
Atacama, Chile
San Andres PV Plant
Tocha Wind Farm 0
Figueira da Foz, Portugal
Tocha Wind Farm
Rymanów Wind Farm 2
Rymanów, Podkarpackie, Poland
Rymanów Wind Farm
Parque Eólico de Raki 1
Lebu, Arauco, Chile
Raki Wind Farm