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Pomerania Wind Farm

One of the largest onshore wind farms in Poland.

One of the biggest challenges was UHVL, with 30 km of extension, that required drillings in several meters under a river. Also, adverse climatic conditions (cold, rain and snow) were constant in this project, which enhanced soil difficulties, either by its consistency or the (high) water levels, either because of the enormous need for cooperation and coordination with local communities (private owners or public entities). All of these boosted several changes along the project (either in construction as in engineering) with a habitual demand for alternative solutions. Another challenge was the pandemic outbreak, that motivated a slowdown in the project. Despite all this, CJR Renewables counted with a committed team, only focused in one main goal: the compliance with the contractual dates. The team's positive attitude and resistance made this project end a success.

Project details
Client Ignitis
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Voivodship, Poland
Implementation time 370 days
Installed Power 93.9 MW
Power & Grid 33/110 kV Substation & Control Building
Wind Turbines 28 Nordex 131/3600 TS114 IEC S & 1 Nordex 117/3600 TS120 IEC2
Pomerania Wind Farm 4
Pomerania Wind Farm 8
Pomerania Wind Farm 8
Pomerania Wind Farm 8
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// 29 Foundations & Platforms

// 28 km of Access Roads

// 29 km of Cable Trenches

// 30 km of Underground High Voltage Line (UHVL) – 94 km of Cables

// Substation Engineering

// 192 m2 Substation Building

// 33/110 kV Substation & Control Building

// 110 kV Interconnection Substation

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