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Our People. Our most valuable asset CJR Renewables team has more than 1200 employees CJR Renewables has a multinational workforce that combines strong technical knowledge with experience and management skills.
A multinational workforceGlobal teams that grow together
We wisely awake the best of each culture in each person.

At CJR Renewables, our values are guided by the principles of diversity and equal opportunities, total opposition to any discrimination.

We are opposed to any form of discrimination, whether based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other sort at any stage of the professional life of our employees.

A global workforce with individual strengthsGet to Know Our People!
Luís Tomás
Paulo Carvalho
Ryszard Smolarek
Marina Lovric
Cátia Amaro
Inmaculada Valverde
Rui Osório
João Machado
Our workforce is adaptable, inspirational and committed.

To attract, develop and retain the talent of employees is our goal.

Promoting people is CJR Renewables daily target. To meet it, we encourage autonomy, accountability and growth!

Engagement with employees Get to know our multiple areas’ Engagement Strategy.
Training and development
Training and developmentWe have a strong commitment to training and career developmentCJR Renewables has a solid commitment to training and career development programs provided by internal and external entities, to retain CJR Renewables team skilled. And the best professionals need the best qualification and training, for this, we believe in three valences:
  • Reinforcement of management skills
  • Promotion opportunities, based on strategic management of human resources
  • Orientation to goals, in an empowerment model