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Wigton III Wind Farm

The biggest challenge was adapting the work conditions to the specifications imposed by the geographical and logistical limitations of the island. To overcome these setbacks, we’ve centered our course of action around a solution-oriented plan, that was followed without exception.

Project details
Client Gamesa
Area Wind Farms Construction (BoP)
Location Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
Implementation time 276 days
Installed Power 24 MW
Wind Turbines Gamesa G80 2MW
Wigton III Wind Farm 0
Wigton III Wind Farm 2
Wigton III Wind Farm 3
Wigton III Wind Farm 4
What have we done

// Wind Farm and Substation Electrical and Civil Engineering

// MV, OF and Earthing Network

// SCADA Development and Implementation

// Substation Commissioning and Energization

// Access Roads

// WTG Foundation

// Platforms

// 8 km Cable Trenches

// 20/69 kV Substation

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