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Raki Wind Farm

This wind farm was built facing adverse weather conditions, especially because the project started in winter. The sandy soil represented a challenge for CJR Renewables team, which had to find alternatives to do a proper implementation of the project.

Project details
Client Vestas
Area Wind Farms Construction (BoP); Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Lebu, Arauco, Chile
Implementation time 190 days
Installed Power 15 MW
Wind Turbines Vestas V112 3,0 MW
Parque Eólico de Raki 0
Parque Eólico de Raki 3
What have we done

// Roads construction

// Foundations

// Foundations’ soil improvement

// Hardstands

// Medium Voltage Network

// 23kV Switchstation

// Medium Voltage (MV) Overhead Line

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