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Jedrzychowice Wind Farm

Part of the underground cables network was performed using the existing asphalted roads on Zgorzelec city. The works were performed during wintertime, with snowy days and frozen soil. To minimize damages on the asphalted roads, instead of opening traditional cable trenches, we've opted to execute drillings under the roads. A total of 1,2 km of drilling works were performed, thus avoiding any damages on the existing roads.

Project details
Client EDP Renewables / Vestas
Area WTG Installation
Location Zgorzelec, Poland
Implementation time 270 days
Installed Power 26 MW
Wind Turbines 13 Vestas V100 2 MW
Jedrzychowice Wind Farm 0
Jedrzychowice Wind Farm 1
Jedrzychowice Wind Farm 2
What have we done

// Roads construction

// Foundations

// Hardstands

// Electrical Substation

// Internal Medium Voltage (MV) Network

// 110kV Underground High Voltage Line (UHVL) - 5 km

// WTG Mechanical & Electrical Installation

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