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Goathill Quarry Wind Farm

In this project, CJR Renewables faced a tight schedule and a couple of adverse weather conditions. The characteristics of an unexpected basement led to a change of the founding location with implications on the various processes. The alliance with suppliers and local providers was an important factor to ensure, despite the constraints, project delivery within the timeline outlined.

Project details
Client Infinite Renewables
Area Wind Farms Construction (BoP)
Location Cowdenbeath, Scotland, United Kingdom
Implementation time 88 days
Installed Power 1.5 MW
Wind Turbines Vensys 77 1,5 MW
Goathill Quarry Wind Farm 0
Goathill Quarry Wind Farm 1
Goathill Quarry Wind Farm 2
What have we done

// Access Roads

// Foundation

// Interconnection Line

// Substation

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