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Albesti Wind Farm

Albesti Wind Farm biggest challenge was the tight schedule. A working day included only 4 hours during almost all project stages. CJR Renewables established two teams to work on the piles. All concrete pouring works were performed during night, in order to comply with the project schedule.

Project details
Client EDP Renewables
Area Wind Farms Construction (BoP)
Location Albesti, Vaslui, Romania
Implementation time 120 days
Installed Power 28 MW
Wind Turbines 14 Vestas V90 2 MW
Albesti Wind Farm 0
Albesti Wind Farm 2
Albesti Wind Farm 3
What have we done

// Roads Construction (8 km)

// 4632 m of piles with 1 m of diameter

// Foundations

// Hardstands

// 10.600 m of trenches

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