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Negrete Wind Farm

A challenging project due to the high groundwater level and the soil’s poor quality.

All key milestones were fulfilled: CJR Renewables had a small team working on this project, which was committed to its success. The greater challenge of the Negrete Wind Farm project was the high groundwater level, which boosted extra works in drainage systems. This project also went through Chilean social instability, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the works harder to overcome. Despite all, the project was successfully concluded and on time.

Project details
Client WPD
Area Balance of Plant (BoP)
Location Bíobío, Chile
Implementation time 344 days
Installed Power 36 MW
Wind Turbines 10 Vestas V136-3,60 MW
Negrete Wind Farm 3
Negrete Wind Farm 5
Negrete Wind Farm 6
What have we done

// Acessos Púbicos & Internos (14 km)

// 10 Fundações & Plataformas

// Cerca de 8 km de acessos internos

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