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Moimenta I & II Wind Farm

Artistic intervention of Vhils & Joana Vasconcelos.

Moimenta I & II Wind Farm had some challenges that CJR Renewables was able to favourably overcome, such as the type of soil (difficult to excavate) and the tight deadlines. This project, that counted with an artistic intervention of Joana Vasconcelos and Vhils in two WTGs, is a landmark project of CJR Renewables. In order to fulfil the schedule, CJR Renewables had more than 80 workers per day assigned to civil works. Regarding the mechanical and electrical installation, CJR Renewables was able to install 42 WTG per week during wintertime, using two crane lines.

Project details
Client Âncora Wind & Senvion
Area WTG Installation, Balance of Plant (BoP)
Location Moimenta da Beira, Portugal
Implementation time 375 days
Installed Power 84 MW
Wind Turbines 42 SENVION MM92 2 MW
Moimenta I & II 1
Moimenta I & II 2
Moimenta I & II 3
Moimenta I & II 4
Moimenta I & II 5
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// 33 km of Access Roads & Cable Trenches

// 42 Foundations & Platforms

// Medium Voltage (MV) & Communication Cables

// WTG Mechanical & Electrical Installation

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