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Malleco Wind Farm

One of the biggest projects of South America.

Due to the magnitude of the construction area (with an extension of approximately 68 hectares), the project required the installation of 3 site facilities with an area of 10 000 m2 each.

Also, due to a massive material requirement, a concrete batching plant had to be installed on site. All this for the construction of a 38 m bridge, 60 km of access roads, and 77 foundations involving large amounts of materials, such as 600 000 m3 of earthmoving, 650 000 m3 of aggregates for the construction of accesses, platforms, and backfill (with a daily average of 30 trucks), 7 500 000 kg of steel and 55 000 m3 of concrete for the construction of foundations and other minor works, such as Box Culverts, pavements, etc… More than 450 people were involved, daily, to make this project happen. CJR Renewables proudly fulfilled the goals and timeline.

Project details
Client WPD
Area Balance of Plant (BoP)
Location Agua Buena, Chile
Implementation time 481 days
Installed Power 273 MW
Wind Turbines 77 Vestas 3.45 / 3.6
Malleco Wind Farm 3
Malleco Wind Farm 4
Malleco Wind Farm 5
Malleco Wind Farm 2
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// 60 km of Access Roads & Ducts

// 77 Foundations & Platforms

// 220/33 kV Substation & Control Building

// 38 m Girder Bridge

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