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Lotnisko Wind Farm

One of the longest UHVL of Poland, with a total length of 38 km.

Works were performed during wintertime without breaks and with extreme weather conditions. 70% of the UHVL was built on the slope of a deactivated railway, passing on forest areas and on places with a high phreatic level. A total of 4 km of horizontal direct drillings was executed, in order to avoid trees cutting and underground infrastructures damage.

Project details
Client PGE
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Pomorskie Voivodeship, Lebork, Poland
Implementation time 490 days
Installed Power 90 MW
Power & Grid 110/30 kV Substation
Wind Turbines 30 ALSTOM ECO 110 3 MW Class II-A HH90
Lotnisko Wind Farm 0
Lotnisko Wind Farm 2
Lotnisko Wind Farm 3
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// Access Roads

// 30 Foundations & Platforms

// 110/30 kV Substation

// Internal Medium Voltage (MV) Network

// 110 kV Underground High Voltage Line (UHVL) – 2 lines – with 38 km length

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