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Lalackama Solar PV Plant

In the middle of the desert.

This project involved a complex amount of earth movements and backfill to level the substation platform. Also, the tight schedule for equipment delivery in a remote location was a challenge, that CJR Renewables was able to overcome.

Project details
Client Enel Green Power
Area Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Taltal, Antofagasta, Chile
Implementation time 195 days
Switch Station Tap-off Interconnection Substation 220 kV Bus Panel
Lalackama Solar PV Plant 1
Lalackama Solar PV Plant 2
What have we done

// Supply & Installation of tap-off bus panel

// 220 kV Control Building

// Foundations & Platforms

// Medium Voltage (MV) Equipment

// SCADA & Connections

// Low Voltage (LV) panels, cabling, tests & commissioning

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