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Korsze Wind Farm

A successful project in Poland.

This project went through several obstacles, but manpower hiring was the main difficulty through all project. Still, CJR Renewables was able to manage it properly. Other unpredictable obstacles arose such as stabilization of foundations, due to the groundwater levels. Despite the low temperatures and the snowfalls, characteristics of this region, which affected work conditions, CJR Renewables team achieved perfectly the conclusion of the project. Korsze Wind Farm involved a strong pace of work, with the effort of all the team members.

Project details
Client EDP Renewables
Area Balance of Plant (BoP)
Location Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, Poland
Implementation time 480 days
Installed Power 37.5 MW
Wind Turbines 15 Gamesa G114 2.5MW
Korsze Wind Farm 6
Korsze Wind Farm 4
Korsze Wind Farm 5
Korsze Wind Farm 4
Korsze Wind Farm 7
Korsze 3
What have we done

// Earth Movements

// Access Roads (9 km)

// 15 Foundations & Platforms

// 35 km of Medium Voltage Line

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