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Guleslettene Wind Farm

A landmark project for WTG Installation Business Unit.

CJR Renewables team installed 47 Wind Turbines V136 (90m HH), of 4 MW each, at Guleslettene Wind Farm. With a team of 50 collaborators on the ground (divided into two main shifts), two assembly lines, and a strong bet on safety attitude, CJR Renewables accomplished, at the peak, the assemble of 6 WTG in one week. The biggest challenges were the atypical phases in this project (driven by pandemic), and the meteorological conditions that drove to some pauses during the project. But, with dedication, perseverance, and spirit of sacrifice, the CJR Renewables team made goals fulfilment possible.

Project details
Client Vestas
Area WTG Installation
Location Svelgen, Norway
Implementation time 195 days
Installed Power 188 MW
Wind Turbines Vestas V136/4000-4200
Guleslettene Wind Farm 5
Guleslettene Wind Farm 5
Guleslettene Wind Farm 6
Guleslettene Wind Farm 7
Guleslettene Wind Farm 8
What have we done

// 47 WTG Electrical & Mechanical Installation

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