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Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm

Second project of CJR Renewables in Peru.

Duna y Huambos experienced challenges unforeseen in planning, such as the 85-day stoppage due to the pandemic and the works development under adverse weather conditions, which, despite being avoided in the initial planning, were incorporated in tendentiously avoidable phases of the project. In addition to these challenges, there was the project's inhospitable location (in Cajamarca Mountains, 2500 meters altitude). Despite the difficulties, CJR Renewables achieved the success of this project with the completion of the milestones foreseen in the agreed times. For the good development of the project, Duna y Huambos had a team of more than 100 people per day on the ground.

Project details
Client Grenergy
Area Balance of Plant (BoP), Power & Grid (EPC)
Location Cajamarca, Peru
Implementation time 257 days
Installed Power 36.75 MW
Power & Grid 34,5/138 kV Substation & Control Building
Wind Turbines 14 SG G114 T80
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm 4
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm 6
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm 7
Duna Y Huambos Wind Farm 7
What have we done

/// Earth Movements

// 3,5 km of Access Roads

// 5,1 km of Cable Trenches

// 23,3 km of Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

// 14 Foundations & Platforms

// 34,5/138 kV Substation & Control Building

// 2x138 kV Overhead High Voltage Line (OVHL)

// High Voltage (HV) Tap-Off Connection

// Grid Connection and Engineering

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