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Dachnów Solar PV Plant

supply and installation of 2.968 solar panels.

CJR Renewables was responsible for engineering, all the civil works, supply and installation of 2.968 solar panels, support structure, and other electrical equipment, as well as to carry out all the inherent work, such as trenching, testing, commissioning, and grid connection. Located in southern Poland, the project had about 30 people at peak execution. The commissioning of the project happened mid-June (2019), in line with the contractual conditions agreed.

Project details
Client Martifer Renewables
Area Balance of System (BoS)
Location Dachnów, Poland
Implementation time 75 days
Installed Power 1 MW
Solar Panel 2.968 PVs 335 wp
Dachnów Solar PV Plant 3
Dachnów Solar PV Plant 4
Dachnów Solar PV Plant 4
Dachnów Solar PV Plant 5
What have we done

// Engineering

// Foundations & Access Roads

// Supply and Installation of 2.968 solar panels

// Support Structures

// Commissioning & Grid Connection

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