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07 jun 2021

CJR's Health and Safety Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic Recognized with Prestigious Seal #Chile

Práticas de Saúde e Segurança da CJR Renewables durante a COVID-19 reconhecidas com prestigiado selo #Chile 0

The company's entire prevention program benefited from a greater focus on health and safety. As a result, ACHS (Chilean Safety Association) has awarded CJR Renewables (in Chile) with the certification of the COVID-19 Seal for the company' commitment to virus spread prevention. "We are very proud that this important recognition praises our health and safety program," said Inmaculada Valverde, QHSE Manager LaTam. "Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the pandemic, this recognition is a testament to the resilience and innovative spirit that is embedded in the CJR's DNA.This Seal is not only a reward for Health and Safety workers. It is primarily a reward for all the others!"

At the outset of the pandemic in 2020, CJR Renewables adapted quickly and proactively to put rigorous preventive safety measures in place to protect its employees and its operations. In addition to working from home protocols for office staff, CJR also implemented extensive training, testing trailers set up at all of its sites, physical distancing protocols, tool disinfecting stations, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, among others. This assignment complies with international standards, certificated by foreign consultant McKinsey & Company.

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