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30 mar 2021

CJR Renewables accomplished Bogoria Wind Farm's BoP construction

CJR Renewables accomplished Bogoria Wind Farm' BoP construction 0

Fernando Silva: "Despite small, the Bogoria Project represented a significant challenge due to the tight schedule and documentation/bureaucracy processes involved. From all the team on-site to all the back-office support, we witness an outstanding team effort to overcome all difficulties. Today we can affirm we have fulfilled all the contractual milestones, but we can also affirm that "we successfully fulfilled our self-worth milestone." Pedro Mendes: “With success and on-time. What better words we could use to describe a project? Bogoria Project involved an extraordinary efficient logistic: During the works' peek, we counted more than 120 people to accomplish the construction of 10 foundations, with over 3.100m3 of concrete, 423 ton of steel , build 5,5km of new access roads 10 platforms for turbine assembling." Aleksander Niedzialkowski: "Now that the construction phase ended and all special transports have been accomplished with success, we will now enter the demolition phase with temporary areas and landscape reinstatement. Couldn’t be prouder".

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