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Azabache Solar PV Plant

Chile's first hybrid plant

CJR Renewables was responsible for the construction of the Azabache solar park (60.9 MW), which operates together with the Valle de Los Vientos Wind Farm. Together they add up to 150.9 MW of installed power and form the first hybrid plant in Chile. Los Loros PV Plant was an ambitious project with a tight schedule. The solar park has 154,170 photovoltaic modules of 395 Wp, 13 photovoltaic stations of 4 MW and 1,713 trackers - type 1P90. For CJR Renewables, the challenges felt were mainly related to the shortage of manpower along with the remote location of the project (in the Atacama region - Chile). Los Loros PV Plant was an ambitious project with a tight schedule that combined a special meteorological and geological condition due to the location in the Atacama Desert. CJR Renewables had a dynamic team, which positively overcame the challenge.

Project details
Client Enel Green Power
Area Balance of System (BoS)
Location Atacama Region, Chile
Implementation time 395 days
Installed Power 60.9 MW
Solar Panels 154 170 395 WP Photovoltaic Modules
Azabache Wind Farm 1
Azabache Wind Farm 2
Azabache Wind Farm 4
Azabache Wind Farm 5
What have we done

// Engineering

// Earthworks, Foundations & Access

// Installation of 154 170 395 Wp photovoltaic modules

// Trenches & MV/LV Cables

// 30 km of Underground High Voltage Line (UHVL) – 94 km of Cables

// Support structures

// SCADA, CCTV, Testing, Commissioning & Grid Connection

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