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14 mai 2021

CJR Renewables is installing 92.4 MW Sincelo Wind Farm #Portugal

Sincelo 0
Sincelo 1
Sincelo 2
Sincelo 3

22 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) with 4.2 MW and at 91.5-meter Hub height are being assembled in Sincelo Wind Farm. According to Pedro Cesário, "the works are in a perfect rhythm, with three WTGs installed and a team of 20 people making their best.


The team is exciting once it's been a while since we installed a wind farm this big in Portugal.

We are at home, so this wind farm, before begun, was already in our heart". For Jorge Rocha, Commercial Manager, this project means a lot to the whole team. "We are very pleased with this award. Both client and investor are partners of ours, and it is an honour to work in the country this company has born, once 90% of our activity, at least for the last two years, was in other countries. With this project, CJR Renewables sums 400 MW installed in this country, totalizing, for Vesta's client around the world, more than 2 GW". The project count with a planned completion period to June.

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