+Preliminary & Detailed Design - Civil / Electrical Infrastructure
:: Geotechnical surveys
:: Topographical surveys
:: Site layoutsAccess and roads
:: Road surveys
:: WTG's platforms and foundations
:: Cable trenches
:: Substations and switchstations
:: Grid Interconnection Lines
+Design / Capex Optimization
:: Improved and optimized solutions;
::FS (Feasibility study).
+Power Systems Analysis & Grid Integration Studies
::Integration Studies;
::Electrical Systems Modeling;
::Load Flow, short-circuit, harmonics;
::Arc-flash and insulation studies;
::Electrical systems sizing.
+Commissioning, Tests & Start-up
::Site Acceptance Tests;
::Insulation tests.
::Earthing system and step and touch measurements;
::Protection Relays settings and tests;
::Control and communications tests.
+Technical Support & After-sales Service
::O&M Manuals;
::As-builts documentation;
::Substations and Electric Auxiliaries;
::Preventive and Corrective;
::Maintenance: Circuit Breakers,
::Disconnectors, Power and Distribution
::Transformers, Instrument
::Transformers, MV switchgears,
::Protection Relays, LV systems,
::Earthing systems, Etc
+Solar PV Design

::Preliminary site layout or rooftop assessment with enhanced visualization, satellite imagery, 3-D renderings, and glint and glare studies;

::Energy production modeling and verification for investors, financial institutions and developers;
::Complete equipment-specific, and site-specific plant optimization for achieving the solar electric facility's lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE);
::Site drawings, aesthetic sketches, 3D views and electrical, mechanical and civil drawings.
CIVIL WORKS civil works
WTG INSTALLATION wtg installation
civil works
+Route Survey
:: CJR Renewables is able to make all interventions needed to allow special transport to site.
+Access Roads & Platforms
:: CJR Renewables construct roads and platforms according to the highest standards and specifications of manufactures and clients, capable of supporting heavy equipment used for transport, installation and assembly of WTG's and operations.
CJR Renewables use the best quality materials and techniques to construct one of the most important elements of wind turbine support and PV Structures & Trackers.
+Substations & Control Buildings
:: Quality and know-how are the key words used in the building of substations & control Buildings.
+Cable Trenches
:: CJR Renewables operates in detail design and execution for cable trenches section and cable tray, according to the best practice and standards. 
eletrical & mechanical works
+Substations & Switching Stations
:: CJR Renewables constructs efficient and reliable power plants and electrical transmission and distribution systems on Solar PV Plants & Wind Farms.
+HV/MV/LV Power Networks
:: CJR Renewables  provides a complete package of solutions for Power networks distribution and transmission.
+Communication Networks
:: Our Data COM installation capabilities include:  Fiber Optic Cable procurement and design;, Fiber Optic splice, termination, Fiber Optic and Copper Infrastructure Testing, Structured Cable Design and installation, LAN / WAN Solutions and microwave solutions and wireless networks
+Earthing Systems
:: We are able to provide from design to construction, complete earthing system and all connections on Solar PV Plants and Wind Farms.
+HV/MV/LV Power Networks
:: CJR Renewables  provides a complete package of solutions for Power networks distribution and transmission.
+SCADA & Protection Systems and Plant Monitoring
:: Together with our global partners, SCADA and Protection solutions manufacturers, we can provide systems, services, and products for protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering of electric power systems worldwide. 
+Pre-commissioning and System Testing
:: We can provide a full package of services for commissioning & tests from HV, MV to LV. 
+Grid Connection
:: This is our global aim, connecting wind power to worldwide grid.

What We Do

We ensure an alliance between efficiency and effectiveness, as well as flexibility and adaptability, that allow us to have a solid performance in every geography or weather conditions.


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