CJR Renewables sums an 8 GW track record

February 5, 2021 / CJR Renewables
CJR Renewables reached 8 GW in the installation and construction activity in the wind and solar projects. The company already participated in more than 450 projects, in 28 different countries all over the world.

Miguel Rodrigues, Executive Board Member, says: "Although many CJR Renewables strategic markets experienced a halt during 2020 (due to pandemic), CJR Renewables activity has kept its figures. In 2020 alone, CJR Renewables had participated in more than 800 MW projects, divided into four business areas: Wind / BoP, Solar / BoS, Power & Grid, and WTG Installation. Next year we will have two decades of experience, and till today we never stopped the growth. I am sure that if we continue, in the next years, with this huge commitment to quality, process standardization and people care we will continue this growth path."


CJR Renewables has an impressive track record, and the capability to execute turnkey projects in every country worldwide. In the references list are the extreme climate conditions and complex geographies, from the world's most arid desert to negative temperatures weather conditions. As of today, CJR Renewables is working on different projects in Colombia, Chile, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, and France. These projects will add 500 MW to the company's track record.

February 5, 2021 / CJR Renewables
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