To define three-year strategies CJR Renewables promoted an internal workshop

December 22, 2020 / CJR Renewables
Last week, heads of CJR Renewables' Business Units and Regional Managers participated in a two-day STRAT KAIZEN Workshop.he Strategic vision of CJR three years ago.



The goal was clear: to define CJR's Breakthrough Strategic Initiatives for 3 years, in order to build and consolidate the company's excellence through a focus on Innovation, Growth, and Operation, as well as achieve the strategic objectives/core of Business growth in the vision of the Organization.

​​​​​​​For Ana Machado, Kaizen Promotion Manager of the organization, this event is another initiative that "strengths CJR Renewables continuous improvement with real impact on the organization's processes and people. STRAT KAIZEN focuses precisely on Breakthrough priorities, which means, initiatives that represent a significant change in the improvement process and organization status quo. It is a visual process, participatory, fast and effective, but also quite ambitious because it enhances vision, paradigm change and especially will to do more and better".

The two-day schedule motivated an extended period of intensive work, and once it was a presential event "facilitated communication, joint reflection and, most importantly of all, a shared construction of strategic initiatives for the next three years". As a result, this workshop has already defined numerous initiatives to implement already in 2021. "In this way, we can continuously leverage CJR to the following levels, to what is considered the Best in Class".

For Paulo Silva, General Manager, this type of initiative is essential for any organization that wants to lead the market. "We live in a world in constant change, which already requires a constant inquiry of the strategies defined. Parallel to this fact is the permanent need to do more and better (with the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction), and, it is in this context that we understand that events of this nature acquire a key role in defining the future actions of the organization, as they put into perspective some current practices and leverage actions that improve our business model".

​​​​​​​This workshop is part of a broader plan that involves the definition of Matrix X, where all initiatives and strategic objectives are consolidated for the year 2021, in order to achieve t

December 22, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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