WTG Installation Team with six projects in German Territory

October 13, 2020 / CJR Renewables
A total of 69.7 MW divided into six projects to be installed in German Territory by CJR Renewables team.

Having Vestas and GE as a client, the team has a great challenge ahead “we will install wind turbines from 116 meter to 166 meters Hub Height, with different characteristics and MW capacities. But, the real challenge is always the weather, and, in this combination of projects, the articulation of teams is also a difficulty. I am sure, as always, we will suit the calendar to the success of all involved” referred António Vieira, Head of WTG Installation Business Unit.

Krackow WF (13.8 MW), Dornbock WF (11.2 MW), Dauer WF (21.6 MW), Heek WF (6.9 MW), Brunow-Kleeste WF (4.2) and Langstedt WF (12 MW) are the projects awarded, and are all schedule to start this year, with the exception of Brunow-Kleeste WF that is already underway.
October 13, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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