Azabache Solar PV Plant: more than 100 people on the ground

October 2, 2020 / CJR Renewables
Do you know that we have, at this stage, a team of more than 100 people on the ground making Azabache Solar PV Plant happening?
Also, by this month we will increment by 300% the resources in the project to move faster.

For Bruno Pereira, Head of Solar/BoS Business Unit, “We are starting to move faster. At the first stage, we were involved in the preparation of a detailed planning and overcoming several difficulties raised due to this pandemic, and for what we were not prepared. It was hard work and today, we are achieving each defined step more quickly, and we have already performed critical tasks that will allow us to achieve the big milestone of this year, that is getting ready for the energization of at least 35% of the total power of the PV plant. It is our belief that, by the end of the year, our BoS team on the ground will be proud of what they managed to accomplish.”

At this stage, CJR Renewables executed the access on the north area, completed the earth movements in north east side, started the trench works by 20% in the same local. According to Bruno Pereira, “Team is working hard so that critical milestones may be accomplished this month. I am sure that, after this effort, our dream will become true! It’s by difficult times that we show what we really are made of!”.
Watch the video here
October 2, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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