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August 25, 2020 / CJR Renewables
At CJR I learned.... Resilience

Óscar never knew any other reality, but he also never wanted to. On his current path, he only hesitated, when his teachers highlighted his natural and exceptional aptitude for geometry and drawing. But this hesitation "only lasted a few seconds". Today, Óscar considers himself an accomplished and full-fledged professional, especially because of CJR's learnings which "witnessed my commitment, and gave me the wings I needed to fly".

Óscar was born and raised in a family whose daily occupation were in the construction activity. From a very early age, he fell in love with the area, and whenever he could, he collaborated with his father in the building’s construction. With this, he early validated his childhood aspirations.

When maturity and age allowed, Óscar entered the desired civil engineering degree and soon he graduated. In 2003, he started his career as a tender engineer, but it was a place on site construction plant that Oscar desired. In a search for an opportunity, Óscar meets CJR in 2005. With the promise of progression, Óscar begins his adventure in the company within the infrastructure tender department. Proving his worth, and a couple of months later, he was invited to manage a project. And it is here that Óscar begins his journey at CJR.

Until 2013, he led several projects within Portuguese territory, from infrastructures, soccer fields, roads, wind farms, among others. “I was allocated to Portuguese territory instead of an area of activity, so I learned a little bit of everything, and executed projects of different scales that involved very different customers and employees. Today, this diversity is my great luggage”.

It is the year of 2013 that brings an effective change to Oscar's life, with the invitation to go to an adventure beyond borders, together with Ricardo Costa and Paulo Pereira, in Chile. Here, he could bring into life San Andres Solar photovoltaic Park substation. Without imagining that this would be the first adventure of many, Óscar replaced the Portuguese territory for several places in the world, thus assuming the responsibility of representing the company in several projects. Therefore, in a path that was not always linear, Óscar has grown professionally and in recent years, he has been occupying the position of Project Manager for several wind energy projects, passing through Chile (Tal Tal WF, Aurora WF, Malleco WF), Jamaica (Wigton III WF) and Peru (Wayra I WF).

A lover of this multiculturality and geographical diversity due to the “dimension and scale of the projects”, Óscar considers that his entire career has brought him everything that today makes him an experienced professional, imputing to CJR all responsibility. “My skills were shaped by CJR, my knowledge and professionalism were nurtured by CJR. Order, discipline, planning, the use of tools that promote rigor and growth were learned here. But it is in resilience that my profession is truly fulfilled. Resisting pressure, overcoming problems, and adapting to changes “standing and without giving up” is the lesson I carry for life and which, without a doubt, was taught to me by CJR and its leaders. I dare to say that this company gave me a Ph.D. much more extraordinary than any university”.
August 25, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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