Azabache photovoltaic solar park: first hybrid industrial plant in Chile

July 10, 2020 / CJR Renewables
Did you now that we are building the Azabache photovoltaic solar park, that, together with Valle de los Vientos wind farm, will be the first hybrid industrial plant in Chile?
The construction of the solar park (which will have an installed capacity of 60.9 MW) and the substation ampliation works are now in speed up stage. In BoS works, CJR Renewables is performing earthworks, access roads and conversion unit foundations. Regarding to substation EPC works, the excavation works have already started and soon the concreting and steel reinforcement will be the landscape of the park.

Please recall that CJR Renewables will perform all BoS works of Azabache Solar Plant, including civil works, such as earthworks, foundations, roads, MV and BT trenches and electrical works, like PV modules (assembly), cables, CCTV, tests and commissioning. The ampliation of the existent substation of this PV plant is also in our responsibility  with EPC works as the scope, which will include civil works such as earthworks, foundations, O&M building and electrical works such as HV equipments, MV switchgears, SPCC, auxiliary services, tests and commissioning.
July 10, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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