Our Project & Development Team proudly announces first semester challenges & results

June 29, 2020 / CJR Renewables
Did you know we have more than 20 technicians on tender activity only? And that, despite the health crisis, the team delivered almost 200 projects tender proposals?

Well, although atypical, the first semester did not dishearten team's potential. Used to work remotely, since the team is divided among three continents, department's pandemic impact for the semester was "residual", according to Joaquim Coelho, Head of Project & Development.

1.) What is the balance of the 1st Semester?

(How many proposals were sent, what was pandemic's impact (sector and department), the evolutionary internationalization process and improvements)

Joaquim Coelho: The first half of 2020 was, undoubtedly, atypical for all known reasons. An unprecedented event happened in our timeline and it obviously impacted all markets, ours was not an exception. Specifically, in our Tender department, the impact on workload was not big, we can say it was even quite residual. Remote work, in our area of ​​expertise, allowed the continuation of everything and the projects' flow prosecution.

In order to understand better, comparing to the previous year, we had 187 tender projects delivered against 214 by the end of May, but when comparing with Pre Covid, January / March, we have 126 in the previous year against 112 this year.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of decisions postponement, which leads us to very few projects awarded till now, only 1, but that gives us a good perspective for next semester, it will be full of good news, for sure.

Being P&D an office department, the current existing IT tools allow us to work almost like in the office but being in the safety of our living rooms at home. Obviously, dealing with parenthood or dealing with two people working at the same house, and having meetings or complex spreadsheets to fill is challenging, but it made us realize that there is no pandemic that stops P&D or any challenges we can't be overcome . Telecommuting was, in our case, the best solution as it gave people enough safety so that they could develop their work with a "clear head". These problems and solutions were transversal to our team and colleagues in every geography. In Chile, Vietnam and Poland, our team kept working, but at home.
The 187 projects delivered are proof of that. The help of the Commercial Department, in all geographies, the use of Kaizen methodologies in digital format and the spirit of sacrifice of the team, that kept working hard, made up for the lack of manpower in the worst phase of the pandemic.

The biggest achievement for us, in this unprecedent phase, was to realize that nothing, not even a world event, a pandemic, will make us stop.

2.) What is the plan for the next semester? / Future perspectives?

JC: The Contingency measures that the Commercial Department took in order to mitigate the production delays (because of the pandemic), made us look more deeply for some projects with the possibility of starting production already this year. The plan for this semester that starts now is to bring as many of these projects as possible to a successful conclusion. Prospects? A successful semester. It is our goal and we have 6 months to accomplish it.

3.) What do you want to say to your team?

JC: To our Tender team, to our P&D, I just have a thank you word, for the way they looked at this problem and saw it as an opportunity to evolve. For being fully compromised and understanding that when the company made the decisions, even the hard ones, it always considered the future of each and every one of us. The company is made of people and the people who helped us and keep helping in this complicated phase will be the ones who will be with us to gather the rewards of the recovery and the good results that will certainly come in this near future.


Know our team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-fn7JQnzFw

June 29, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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