June 22, 2020 / CJR Renewables
We met the with Wind / BoP Engineering team to understand their daily work, with a focus on Duna & Huambos Project, for which all engineering work has been developed by CJR Renewables.

1. We know that you have been very active in Duna & Huambos project. What has the team developed in this project?

Duna & Huambos was one of the first projects that we have been involved in for almost all the engineering development process, which has proved to be a big challenge for the entire team. We have been present in this project since the commercial proposal, where we reviewed all the preliminary design to support the proposal / construction contract, it followed with the search for engineering services, and then, in partnership with the designer, we have developed the optimal engineering solutions for this specific project. Now, in the construction phase, we have been supporting our colleagues on-site with common construction issues. Soon our involvement will consist of preparing the final as-built drawings for the client.
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2. What difficulties have you found?

Among some of the barriers, the highlight goes to the ground complexity that triggered several innovative technical solutions. It is important to stress that, by working together with the construction team, gaining the customer's trust was undoubtedly the icing on the cake. It should also be noted that the process itself was not a straightforward one, the programme was continuously redefined for reasons outside our control, and it was crucial to reschedule and outline the engineering works accordingly.

3. How do you feel that your work is actually there?

Our intervention seeks to find solutions on time so that the engineering of the project corresponds to the high-quality standard we aim for. In short, our purpose is to optimize costs and adapt constructive solutions to local means, as well as anticipating (and resolving) construction risks in the project. Thus, we supported our colleagues on the site, and only by working together, we could adapt to the local construction methods and methodologies. Always with a focus on the most suitable and economical solutions.

4. As a team, in a more general way, what is your role at CJR Renewables, and what projects did you work on so far?

Our mission is to provide value for money in all construction processes that the company is involved with, and in regard of engineering work, more specifically those related to the infrastructures of wind farms. In order to develop solutions, we work alongside our colleagues from other business units, such as the commercial area, the construction department, the other engineering units or even the WTG Installation area. We are usually involved in most BoP projects being them on the construction phase or the tendering phase. For example, we are now active in LATAM (DH, Malleco, Renaico II...), passing through Poland (Korsze III, Pomerania, Mlawa, Grajewo,...), and Portugal (Serra da Laje, Caramulo,...), and reaching as far as Vietnam (Huong Tan & Tan Linh, .. ). We may say that we are becoming something of a globetrotter just as CJR is.


5. From a macro point of view, what are the next goals for the team?

This year we expect to have some construction contracts with engineering provided by the client, which reduces the engineering technical contribution in the construction phase. On the other hand, opportunities have arisen, in the early stage of project development, such as in the investment phase. In this stage, the project is still disaggregated from a construction contract and we have been developing this area with a business opportunity in mind such as the possibility of providing external services of engineering. We maintain, as usual, our analysis of engineering specifications as well as carrying out engineering solutions for P&D commercial proposals, likewise to other departments such as NB&I. In parallel, we aim to make processes faster and more complete, with greater autonomy, knowledge, and competence, which forces us to seek and develop new tools daily. Finally, we are also involved (in a joint venture with 5 R&D centres) in a European application for the development of a "floating foundation for nearshore zones".

June 22, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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