April 29, 2020 / CJR Renewables
CJR Renewables is now installing 11 turbines at 24-MW Molinos Del Ebro and at 17,25 -MW Cañaseca wind projects in Spain.

Both wind farms will be equipped with turbines supplied by Vestas (V150 and V136 models of 4.0 MW and 3.45 MW respectively) .


We set up an interview with the Project Manager, Carlos Policarpo, who can't help talking about the pandemic that now plagues the world and, more specifically, his workplace:  

"The world has changed and that world (the one before the Coronavirus) no longer exists ..." Projects were taking place in Spain, as planned and within normal standards, when the pandemic appeared. This reality was unknown for us and it was essential to join efforts and quickly focus on what we would have to change, modify, improve and restructure. The anxiety of facing the unknown away from our family support, was undoubtedly the biggest challenge. Luckily teams gather up all energy so that the projects did not fail.

We felt week in the presence of this reality that did not allow us to performed the works. The management of the teams and the anxiety of their families (that are far away) were hard, once day by day the situation was gaining impact in the world and we didn't know what to expect. But, proudly, we move forward: giving up was not a solution. We had to understand and shape professional practice, creating distances, which require team restructuring and implementation of containment and disinfection environments. These changes in our routines, despite being new, bring tranquillity to all who work daily in this wind farm environment. With all the adversities, the team, that was more vulnerable, remained united.

The Initial focus of the project was to accomplish the goals established for our management. All of this changed, facing unexpected daily “obstacles” ( COVID 19) that we would have to overcome. Because of this, the use of the new prevent measures and consequent adaptation of our technicians (and restructuring of the teams), originated lower production levels.

At this moment, the focus is on evaluating and (re) planning in compliance with preventive measures so that the projects may run smoothly, with the aim of overcoming the difficulties and return to the established production levels.

Facing daily challenges, overcoming obstacles and overcoming fears ... this is our flag! Always giving our best so that there is stability in the development of the projects, fulfilling the objective and always focusing on the safety of all of us.”   Carlos Policarpo, in projects Molinos del Ebro and Cañaseca, April 2020


April 29, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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