April 24, 2020 / CJR Renewables
Diary Entry by Lukasz Korczynski


“From the moment when the first information about the coronavirus appeared in distant places from us, we wondered how quickly it can reach Poland and how it will affect our daily private and professional life. Unfortunately, the pandemic came faster than we expected, but it can't be said that it surprised us. At the time when there was a concern that the virus may soon appear in Poland, our OHS services working at the Pomerania Wind Farm have started preparations to meet the requirements and ordinances presented by the government and to secure the persons involved in the project in an appropriate manner. This process has been and is still very time-consuming, but we can see that it brings measurable benefits, translating into calmness at the construction site, which in the current situation is the most important. We are all aware of the difficulties of the situation and the sacrifices that a pandemic brings, which is why I am grateful every day that despite the nuisance my colleagues give their best to successfully complete what we have started. A lot has changed in recent weeks and certainly, a lot of changes are ahead of us, but only thanks to our hard work and care for each of us can we win despite the coronavirus pandemic. One thing can be said for sure, the works are progressing well and we are getting closer and closer to the goal and to meet the established milestones. In this situation, I can do nothing more but say thank you very much to all for dedication and commitment.”

**Today’s Notes**

“ As of today, 26/29 foundations were poured, it can be said that the last foundations will be completed in the next two weeks. The same is for road works, where we are entering the final phase to ensure the transport of turbines. Parallel to these works, electrical works are underway on the high and medium voltage lines, which have also entered a decisive phase. Completion is expected for mid-May. Once again I have to emphasize that without the involvement of the entire team this would not be possible to achieve and it was their titanic work that led to such a progress of works.”

Please recall that this project in Poland has a total power of 93.9 MW, 23 WTG of 3.3MW, and 6 of 3 MW from Nordex. CJR Renewables is carrying out all works related to BoP and substation, namely the construction of 28 km of accesses, foundations, 29 km of cable trenches, 30 km of underground high voltage line, among others.

April 24, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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