April 24, 2020 / CJR Renewables


Diary Entry By José Costa, Power & Grid

"Working in a pandemic period is, undoubtedly, a challenge for which we weren’t prepared. On one hand, the impact on supplies, partners, and Grid Operator switched around the entire strategy. On the other hand, the daily focus changed completely due to the fear of this invisible enemy. Even so, the response and adaptation showed by the team was the key element to pass through this positively. Despite it seems easy, because we are a cohesive team, it is the human factor - unquestionably - the great difficulty we overcome daily. We are far away from our family, we are far away from a healthy world, we are far away from normal life… But not only us, the world is far away from itself: from client, to supplier to us, we all feel strange about this situation. I do believe that the only good in this, is that we reinforce this feeling of excellent professionals we are, because, despite all, we are managing to comply with the project’s plans. To conclude (and for honoring my colleagues) I must state our motto: “we do not stop when we are tired, but only when the work is done!”

Diary Entry By João Machado, Power & Grid

Early March, like the rest of the world, we didn’t know how the next days were going to be like, and how it would affect our daily life. A lot of uncertainties invaded us – “will we have to leave and abandon what we are doing?” More than one month has passed and, I’m relieved to state that we stayed, and the world’s essential activities are still active, but the struggle with the uncertainty remains… After a while, we became, gradually, accustomed to the reality we are living, and more confident that spite all this, we will be capable to overcome this challenge. But this confidence is only possible because of two main reasons: first, Poland looks to be a less affected country, with just over 10,000 cases of people infected (as of today), this brings calm and tranquillity; second, all the commitment and dedication we are surrounded by makes us believe that all tasks are achievable. I’m no doubt that soon all of this will be just a memory, and I am sure my best memoir will be that I went through this with the best team possible.


Today’s Notes

Pomerania’s project remains a big challenge itself, and a lot because of the weather. One of the biggest is UHVL, that will have 30km extension “ Adverse climatic conditions (cold, rain and snow) have been constant in this project, which enhances soil difficulties, either by its consistency or the high water levels, either because of the enormous need for cooperation and coordination with local communities, (private owners or public entities). This boosted several changes along the project with a habitual demand for alternative solutions. Another challenge in this wind farm is related to the large amount of directional drilling: it is more than 5km!” refers João Machado, Site Manager, that added “well, till COVID-19 this looked like a lot, but now, we have to deal with this and the transformation of daily communication with all teams involved. Now, to minimize the risk of contagion of this disease, in every task we can, we adopt several measures that requires internet connection (all communications are being made here) rather than physical presence, but we mustn’t forget that our work is made on the field so our measures goes much beyond this”.
Despite all the adversities, today we have about 80% of progress in this project, Substation, and UHVL. “We are on schedule and that fills us with pride”.

April 24, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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