By CJR Renewables is actively implementing a response to the COVID-19 situation./ March 19, 2020 / CJR Renewables
We are sure of one thing: we are all in this together.
We draw on 18 years of experience, and we truly believe we only achieved this age because our foremost concern is personal health and safety-of our families, our employees, and ourselves.
There is no single formula for doing this, and the COVID-19 threat is unprecedented. Still, there are a few responses that we are applying to our friends, partners, and suppliers:
//The access to some CJR Group facilities is restricted;
// Preferably, all company matters must be taken care of in a non-presence environment;
// The unavoidable contacts must be scheduled.
We are available for all doubts by this e-mail info@cjr-renewables.com
March 19, 2020 / CJR Renewables
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