Who is Who

January 8, 2019 / CJR Group
Self-commitment and professionalism are the main qualities that describe João Vítor, the person we've chosen for this Who's Who edition.

It's been 35 years working for CJR, a company that is more than a workplace for João Vítor, who's cherished and known by everyone, "i've started as a driver, than passed to the warehouse and then to people management. At first we were 40 workers and thanks to the dedication and management of Mr. Cândido and his sons, today we're a reference!".

When not at work, João Vítor likes to go fishing, hunting, be around his garden and stay with his 7 sons and daughters, a family that he says "was hard to manage at first, but things went well thanks to CJR that never failed me with anything ".

He saw the company's growth and feels as being a part of it's evolution. João Vítor speaks with pride, and see with lots of satisfaction, although with the caution of long years of experience, the CJR's future!

January 8, 2019 / CJR Group
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