January 8, 2019 / CJR Renewables

CJR Renewables' installation team had a successful year with the expansion into new markets and the consolidation of some results.


476 MW awarded, 34 projects and 148 WTG's were the numbers of 2018 for the installation team, which has met new geographies such as Belarus, Serbia, Austria, Netherlands and Argentina.

For António Vieira, head of this Business Unit, this year boosted some strategic results such as territorial expansion, but above all it was a year that a new approach was started , since "the team begin 2018 with great challenges and goals in hands, either by geographic expansion, teams growth (with 40% of new hiring), or by the projects sizes, along with the implementation of new quality processes and Kaizen methodology ".

For António, the results are positives and launch new stones to build the path of 2019, that has the maturity of the processes initiated in 2018 as one of the goals for the coming year.

For António Vieira, the year begins with three major focuses: "safety, quality and profitability", and in the portfolio the team already has 14 projects awarded and plans to work in three new geographies: Finland, Norway and Spain. 
It will be important to note that 270 MW of the 476 MW are transferred to 2019. 


January 8, 2019 / CJR Renewables
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