October 26, 2018 / CJR Renewables
Luís Alves led an ambitious and capable team: "weren't we talking about the biggest substation ever made by CJR Renewables. There were 4 hectares worthy of highlighting ".


In an informal conversation, we were able to realize that this project was developed in 20 months with an unparalleled dedication from CJR Renewables team, who had to drive three hours daily, totalizing, at the end of the week, more than 1200 km in the luggage. Already missing the project, that is about to end, Luís Alves says that "the work of earth movements, roads and foundations have been normally executed, despite of the great challenges. The main complexity [and challenge] of this project was in the substation, both due to the size of the patio and the fact that this project involved the main high voltage line connecting the South to North of the country. This is an incredibly important substation that also forced the intervention at seven adjacent substations. "



Since the project is located in an area with environmental restrictions, the team had also to have an extra concern with this issue. However, stresses Project Manager,"the team embraced the limitations with great pleasure and full of extra care. Recently, we have even been congratulated by the success of our pro-environmental attitudes".


The beginning of November marks the end of the work, with the last tests / commissioning to be carried out and the completion of landscape re-qualification. The teams are expected to be demobilized in the middle of November.

October 26, 2018 / CJR Renewables
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