CJR consolidates work with GE

November 3, 2017 / CJR Renewables
The partnership with General Electric Inc started in late 2015 with Jozwin Wind Farm in Poland, where CJR Renewables installation team successfully installed 9 wind turbines. Today, CJR Renewables installed more than 100 MW for GE.
Just this year we have accomplished successful the installation of 5 wind farms. For Libério Pereira, the department's head and leader, this evolution and consolidation is natural, since the understanding is mutual and the team led by Libério Pereira is fulfilling all the necessary requirements for the good execution of the project.
The five wind farms referred are Burton Wold South, Wendhausen, Haecklingen-Melbeck, Hohengüstow II and Breitenbach am Herzberg.
Currently more than 100 MW were installed by CJR Renewables team for General Electric Inc.
November 3, 2017 / CJR Renewables
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