From Vila Lobos, Lamego, Portugal to Port Geraldton, Australia

May 4, 2017 / CJR Group
CJR Renewables proudly shares this new project wich involved many resources and the full support of our Installation Department. 

In the context of a repowering/upgrade process, the CJR Renewables installation team dismantled 19 Enercon Wind Turbines E-40, and installed 3 new Senvion 3.4M Wind Turbines, with matching total energy output, in the Wind Power Plant Of Vila Lobos in Lamego, Portugal. To this end, we provided the lifting equipment (Cranes), both for the dismantling process and for the installation of the new wind turbines.

After reconditioning, the new destination of these 19 turbines will be in the Australian territory -  in the Geraldton area, where they will assist in the efforts to create a clean and sustainable energy network.

In order to guarantee the competitiveness and the linearity of the entire process, we committed to transporting the 19 turbines to their destination, with all the necessary logistical efforts handled.

A complex process which, in addition to the dismantling process, includes inland transport in Portugal and Australia, port operations in the ports of Aveiro and Geraldton, as well as maritime freight between the two countries - with due customs and legal requirements handled. The CJR Renewables installation department will be responsible for the reconditioning of the equipment and its installation on Australian territory – also providing the necessary lifting equipment (Cranes).

This process, although common, is rarely adjudicated/executed in its entirety by only one element, being its constituent stages generally divided by several agents. Thus, its complete execution attests to the versatility and responsiveness of our assembly department to whom we praise the execution of this entire process.

The due follow-up to this news will be given when the long sea voyage is completed, where we will follow the last stages of this process.

May 4, 2017 / CJR Group
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