CJR attended RE & EE Vietnam 2016 in Vietnam.

December 26, 2016 / CJR Group
Having Ho Chi Minh as stage of the exhibition, CJR Renewables proudly participate as exhibitor & Conference Holder.

CJR Renewables exhibited in RE & EE Vietnam 2016, and host "Vietnam: Challenges, opportunities & Trends" that count with the presence of distinguished entities, and over 50 people as audience. Issues such investment, government policies, grid capacity and potential of wind energy were the key words of the conference which allowed to uncover the Vietnamese market in the wind and solar energy sector.

Being a subject that is growing in Vietnam because of possibilities that are opened, for example, the electricity demand in Vietnam is forecasted to increase, as well as the rise of the electricity price. Also positive is the cost of producing of renewable energy that It is approaching the production cost of traditional energies.

It was unanimous that this conference meant a better understanding of the various processes needed to be looked at to implement a renewable energy project.

December 26, 2016 / CJR Group
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