CJR Group: Distinguished one more time for its internationalization

November 3, 2015 / CJR Group
One more year in which 57 of the best Portuguese companies were under scrutiny relatively to its internationalization process, through the 2nd edition of the "Internationalization of Portuguese Companies Ranking" (RIEP). In this Ranking, CJR Group did not go unnoticed and reached the tenth position in overall rating.
CJR Group was favourably highlighted in this study obtaining in various categories prominent positions, lying always in the top places. In the category which evaluates the internationalization of companies under 300 million euros CJR Group won the 5th position, while in the field of analysis of the number of subsidiaries held by the organization, CJR Group achieved the 6th position. Also noteworthy is the category where the company is evaluated for its revenue, where the Group obtained the 8th place.
This distinction is for CJR Group an recognition of it's path on international markets. Today CJR Group counts with more than 600 employees distributed in more than 15 countries worldwide.
Please recall that RIEP has the intention to unveil the process of internationalization of Portuguese companies and order them by their level of internationalization, assessing several variables.

To view the study, please click here

November 3, 2015 / CJR Group
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