CJR Group distinguished by its internationalization in 2015 Top Export event

April 27, 2015 / CJR Group
Bringing together 320 individuals, Top Exports 2015 conference selected CJR Group, along with other three companies (Hovione, Vision-Box and Lameirinho) to share their experience about internationalization. With 93 percent of its turnover abroad, and with presence in over 15 countries and three continents in the portfolio, CJR Group, represented by its board member, Miguel Rodrigues, was strongly applauded for its success.
Top Export conference had the goal of distinguish the best Portuguese exporters, with a detailed program that illustrated the Portuguese export prospect, having in schedule topics such as competitiveness, Portuguese exporter’s profiles and successful experiences. Top Exports 2015 conference invited CJR Group to share its experience, and to give opinions about the various topics.

Based on Group's internationalization, which started in mid-2005 with Dominican Republic as market, Miguel Rodrigues emphasized several important topics, such as the importance of a detailed plan that a company must have before beginning the process of internationalization. Giving CJR Group as an example, the board member said that two years was the time that CJR Group took for preparing its internationalization. 
Suggesting some advices for companies that wish to go abroad, Miguel Rodrigues stressed that it is necessary to look rationally for internal and external factors of the organization. "Based on the experience of CJR Group’s internationalization, we can say that it is essential that organizations hold differentiating services that carry added value to the market, and also, companies must watch closely market trends and technological advances. Enterprises must be prepared to respond without delay to the challenges, and ready to promptly do necessary changes" said the board member. 
During the speech, Miguel Rodrigues emphasized the importance of human resources of an organization. "Human resources are key factors for the development of any businesses: At first, it is important that workers embrace company's practices and policies with commitment, as one unique team, that strives for the common cause of the organization. This team must have the required technical capabilities to achieve effective and efficient results. Secondly, it is relevant that the organization have a network of workers which meets customer’s needs".

Sponsored by Santander Totta, D & B and “Diário Económico” newspaper, Top Export conference also included the presence of some known names of Portuguese economic society, as for example, Pedro Gonçalves, Secretary of State for Innovation, Investment and Competitiveness, and António Vieira Monteiro, President of Santander Totta, among many others.


April 27, 2015 / CJR Group
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